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Fraszka and Frania are ready to be adopted. You can start the process by filling out the VIRTUAL or STATIONARY adoption forms.

30.10.2021 Update
Thanks to you, Fraszka and Frania are safe!

It is thanks to you that both girls are already with us – which means that they can be sure of their future and do not have to be afraid for it. Fraszka and Frania must go into quarantine, they must be inspected by a blacksmith and a veterinarian, and later they will be able to enjoy the golden autumn, which will certainly not be the last in their lives. It is thanks to you that Frania has a chance to grow up and, with the help of her mother Fraszka, discover the charms of the world. Thank you! Thank you a hundred times over!

Their Story

Fraszka had a house. It was supposed to be her house until the very end, until the last breath. But its common knowledge that everything changes and everything flows. And it all ends sometime. And every ending is always too early. Somehow only horses take it better than humans. Or maybe they just keep silent and suffer quietly. Because they have learned that their scream is still mute to the world.

She wasn’t a freeloader, no! Gray Fraszka gave birth to foals, worked in the field and in the forest. She had a roof over her head, she always had a bowl full of oats, and, from her barn, she had grand view of green pastures where she could nibble on the grass while her owner rested. But her owner was resting more and more over the years. One day they did not go to the field or the forest. The manger was empty and no hay was added. She stood and waited, but he didn’t come. Little Frania, her daughter, cuddled up with Fraszka, whimpered quietly at the sight of us and snorted when we tried to extend our hand to her.

The old gentleman was taken to the hospital that night and that Fraszka couldn’t know. His children refused to let him take care of the horses, even if he was let out from the hospital. we followed him. He had more heart for animals than for the children of the old man.