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You can adopt Gabryś virtually. Just fill out the ADOPTION FORM and help us give Gabryś what;s best for him.

Update 12/06/2021
Gabryś is safe!

Old Gabryś does not have to be afraid of anything anymore – thanks to you, he is safe! It is here that he will spend his retirement – filled with peace, the most loving care, friendship with other elderly horses, whom he will go to as soon as the quarantine ends. So far, he has found his way into the best hands of our blacksmith and veterinarian. On behalf of Gabrysia, thank you! Thank you for giving him a second chance!

His story:

The horse has been accompanying man for as long as the world remembers. It was from his back that he saw the world and it was at the saddle that he was successful. He worshiped and respected the horse, and in return received devotion and faithfulness. Years passed, and the intimacy between man and horse grew to the rank of friendship. And when old age came and it was necessary to say goodbye to the horse, its existence was secured, due respect and care was provided for it. A beautiful picture of a horse’s retirement. Unfortunately. Today, not everyone is lucky … If it were, you would never hear about Gabryś.

Gabryś may have had a good life. Maybe someone respected him and tried to provide what was needed. But the years fly and the horse cannot afford to grow old. Because it is useless, unnecessary, and today nobody wants to keep and feed it. A story like many, written by a man. Now, when Gabryś is old and most of his life is behind him, abandoned and unwanted, he was sent to slaughter. He fulfilled every human wish, and still he did not deserve his retirement.

Gabryś looks nervously around the cowshed to which they brought him some time ago. Despair and fear are all you will see in his eyes. I think he’d like to get out of there as soon as possible and tell everyone that this is not the place for him. That he did not want to be there and that was not what he expected from a human being. Nothing of that. Instead, you will hear only his quiet neigh, which even reaches the trading yard through the ajar door of the barn. Where death is now, it is commonplace, and the horses’ terror grows with every minute. There is no escape, Gabryś. Not yet … There is only a sentence, there is a whip over the head. And a thin, short rope resting too tightly on his big head. Nobody will take her off Gabryś. Not yet…

We believe that Gabryś will not go to the slaughterhouse soon. We believe that we will be able to save him thanks to you. Our time will end on November 25 and a decision will be made. Gabryś will not be returned to the past years. But if you help, we’ll make him avoid death and spend the rest of his life surrounded by love and care. What is owed to him by a man.