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Update 07/30/2021

Gabryś is already with us!
Now safe, Gabryś went straight to our reserve – he looks curiously at the vast, green meadows, as if he cannot believe what he is seeing. As soon as he has the necessary quarantine, he will join the rest of the reserve animals, and then he will be able to explore every, even the smallest nook of the wonderful pastures with all his senses. We believe he will also find lots of friends!
Gabryś is waiting for the visits of a farrier and a veterinarian. From now on, each donkey support will be dedicated to its maintenance and, if necessary, treatment. Thank you for saving Gabryś!

Gabryś’s story

If man did not condemn animals to slaughter, You probably would never see pictures of little Gabryś or learn his sad story. Because if a man had not sentenced donkeys to slaughter, Gabryś would not have waited to be transported to a slaughterhouse today. Maybe he could have a good life, maybe he could cuddle up to his mother. But his mother is gone, there is a death sentence for him, and little Gabryś is helpless. Only him and the great fear remained. This feeling lingers, it will be with his only friend until the end.

Gabryś was brought into this world for money. No, no one planned to take care of him. As soon as he grew older, the livestock breeder called the trader, they loaded the baby on the gangplank by force, Gabryś’s desperate call was of no avail. His mom couldn’t help him either. The man decided it was time. He made up his mind because he himself just because he thought he could. That’s it.

When we look at Gabryś, he looks back at us with terrified eyes. His most faithful friend – panic fear – grips him like a vise. It freezes him. He doesn’t move his ears, he doesn’t shake his curled fringe, he tries not to breathe. Small and vulnerable, completely at the mercy of people.