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Giraffes are in danger of extinction

The tallest land animals are in danger of extinction. Giraffes have already become extinct in seven African countries, and their population has shrunk by 30% only in the last 30 years. Now, saving giraffes has become even more difficult than before the pandemic. The poachers are feeling unpunished.

We can spot them in almost every zoo, they are also a popular theme for toys or children’s clothes. That’s why the fact that they are an endangered species is astonishing. The decrease in their population is called “silent extinction.” There are approximately 111,000 giraffes still living in the world. To some extent, this is the result of poachers who kill them for meat. Now their struggle for survival has been harder because of the pandemic, which slowed down tourism but did not stop poachers. There are no tourists, so it’s way easier for poachers to enter the areas where the giraffes live.