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Go vegan – Save the planet!


The change often turns out to be good for us. Also when we talk about changing the diet. The vegetarian movement is gaining more and more followers( for more than over ten years).

Limiting or the complete removal of meat and animal products from your menu not only has a good effect on our body but also helps the environment.

The statistics show that each year an average resident of the European Union consumes around 82 kg of meat. That means that only in Europe alone, every day 43 thousand tons of animal meat is being eaten. These numbers are overwhelming. Apart from the suffering of all these creatures, it should be recalled that the expenditure incurred for the production of feed exceeds by far the costs of producing plants intended for human consumption.

Being Vegetarian is not only caring for the animals and the future of the planet Earth. The vegetarian understands the needs of his or her own body. It is a careful selection of ingredients while preparing dishes- so that they contain exactly what we currently need. An appropriate balance of the diet will allow us to enjoy a long and healthy life. Choosing the ingredients of our daily food more carefully, we learn more about their properties. So we can eat not only healthier but also cheaper. Care for health should be our priority, so let’s go together to the vegetarian side!:)

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