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Golem is looking for kind Virtual Guardians. By filling out the ADOPTION FORM, You can become one.

9/07/2021 Update:

The mighty Golem is already on our farm and he is not in danger anymore. There is only obligatory quarantine, necessary examinations, hoof trimming, and later – the company of other horses, the wind in the mane, the sun’s rays on the back, fragrant hay and peace in his huge heart! Thank You for giving Golem a chance for a wonderful life, thank You for not forgetting him!

Golem’s story

The story of Golem is a story about human domination, about the senseless bringing of animals into the world just to kill them. And about money. Because breeding for slaughter is not about feeding people. It’s just about how much you can earn from it.

Golem is a victim of human greed. He lost the moment he was born. It’s a cold-blooded horse. Today he is big, heavy, and fattened to the max. He’s ready to be killed. And it does not matter that there is no such thing as a humanitarian death because it is impossible to humanely kill someone who wants to live with all his heart. Golem wants nothing else. And he probably would like to feel how it is to be free for a moment.

The beautiful stables, horse treats, or endless pastures are not for Golem. Horses like him stay in dirty barns. They are surrounded by the pile of their excrement. They don’t know who the blacksmith or the vet is. Because Who would invest in a “meat” that is still alive? Who would pay for the shaving of hooves, which are considered just a waste in the slaughterhouse? Tell me who would…

Golem is just an ordinary country horse. Will he be worth enough to be saved? Would you like to change the fate of a horse that has not gotten anything worth dreaming about from life? To save Golem, many people must recognize that his wasted life is worth helping.