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Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster than expected

Recent studies show that Greenland’s three largest glaciers, which hold enough frozen water to raise the global sea level by about 1.3 meters, could melt much earlier than even the darkest scenarios predicted. It was forecast that by the end of the century, temperatures would increase by 3.7 degrees Celsius, and due to melting glaciers, sea levels would rise by 9.1–14.9 mm. The analysis showed that the loss of ice has already led to an increase of 8.1 mm. Ice loss can be up to four times bigger than previously predicted.

William Colgan, the co-author of the study, said: “The main problem is that this massive loss of ice has occurred in response to changes that represent only a tiny fraction of the climate change expected in the next century.”

A study published in the journal Nature in September found that if greenhouse gas emissions continue, the Greenland ice sheets will drop some 36 trillion tonnes this century, enough to raise the global waterline by about 10 centimeters.