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Update 12/03/2021
Groszek is safe!

Dreamy Groszek will find out that dreams do come true. It is true that he will have to wait for the green meadow until spring, but we will do everything we can to make winter pleasant for him, smelling of fresh straw and tasting sweet carrots. On behalf of Groszek, thank you!

His story

A man, in his domination and ruthlessness, has long since divided animals into those to be eaten and those worth caring for. Groszek is one of the unlucky ones. Of those that can only live when they make a profit. And when they are no longer needed and old age takes away their strength, they go to the slaughterhouse. There, a butcher’s hook silences their cry for rescue. And then there’s nothing left …

For many years, Groszek was working for a man and he did everything he wanted. He served his masters faithfully without complaining about anything. And he probably wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for old age. If he was younger, he could still work, he would probably have the right to life. But it won’t come back anymore. The old farmer will not take care of him anymore. Nobody wants to keep old Groszek anymore. Because less able, weaker and less energetic. Thrown beyond the margins of life, he lives in a trading barn, according to a man, his only rightful place. For years of ministry, he will go away unfairly and unnecessarily. Right where the unwanted old horses go.

There is nothing more Groszek can do but quietly endure the torment and suppress fear. And only sometimes, when evening comes, he rests his head on a handful of straw and dream. About the green meadows, sunrise and the starry sky. He misses the world, there behind the gate of trade, where life flows differently. I don’t think he knows that as soon as it opens, he will go through it to the slaughterhouse.

Does today’s world assume being hard and indifferent to the suffering of horses like Groszek? Only human decisions and money separate him from life. In order for us to save him, many people have to recognize that Groszek’s life is worth something. We are running out of time, and if on November 25 we do not show up with the full amount, groszek will be forced on the gangplank of the truck, which will take him straight to the gates of the slaughterhouse. And human domination will be fulfilled. In the worst possible way.