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Has the pollution decreased in the world?

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), the concentration of air pollution in Europe, especially nitrogen dioxide, has dropped significantly. Why? This is a consequence of the coronavirus threat, which is the reason behind less car traffic and reduced movement of people.

As we find out, the concentration of air pollutants on our continent has significantly dropped. Even up to a half in some regions. This is primarily the result of traffic restrictions in large cities. This decrease mainly relates to the concentration of nitrogen dioxide. And this is emitted primarily by cars. This gas can significantly increase respiratory problems. It also negatively affects the human immune system. EEA data from recent weeks indicate that the concentration of this gas is now lower. This trend has been observed in the largest European cities, where the authorities introduced restrictions on the movement of people.

The measurements are carried out every hour at ground level in about 3,000 monitoring stations in countries all over Europe.

Still, air quality in Europe is poor and the pollutants it contains are causing harm to human health and the environment. The bad air quality is the reason behind many diseases and as a consequence- premature deaths

A large amount of Europe’s population lives in areas where air quality is not good for health. However, the decrease in nitrogen dioxide concentration can be optimistic. Especially now.