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Help for Madagascar

Madagascar was called the green island due to the diversity of fauna and flora that can be found there. Unfortunately, it lost many forests as a result of fires. Now the government wants to plant 60 million trees to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence. It is also an action to rebuild the island’s ecosystem.

In the year 2017, Voahary Gasy Alliance, an environmental organization, issued a statement saying Madagascar had lost 3.8% of its forests. Thus, it has become the most deforested country in the world. The people of Madagascar, together with the president, decided to act and plant new trees. And so, in one day, nearly 10,000 people planted over a million trees! Over 500 hectares have been designated for this purpose.

Planting trees is not only about fighting deforestation, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve climate stability and the health of inhabitants.