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Huge clouds of Saharan dust over the Caribbean

Experts are alarming. This has not been seen in 50 years. We are talking about a dangerous state of air quality due to Saharan dust clouds. It currently stretches across the Caribbean but is about reach the territory of the US. Experts have called it “Godzilla”. This phenomenon is known, but this year is extremely intense. It’s also very dangerous for people struggling with respiratory diseases. Dust will also be a problem for the proper functioning of the airports. Air quality in the Caribbean region has become worse and worse dramatically. Doctors and experts warn you not to leave the house and use air filters.

A cloud of Saharan dust is a phenomenon well known to meteorologists. It is formed from a mixture of low and high air zones, which in effect cause a strong wind that lifts sand particles. The cloud, which is a result of it migrates along the ocean to the US coast. When it reaches the coast, it sinks to the ground and leaves behind a layer of dust that settles on the surface.