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Iceland gives up commercial whale hunting

Good news from Iceland. It was decided to ban the killing of whales at least until the end of 2020. The decision has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it is very likely that it will be maintained in the long term.

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in 2003 Iceland resumed commercial whale hunting. Since then, at least 1,500 animals have been killed in Icelandic waters. Scientists estimate that the same number of whales now live around the world. Currently, two major Icelandic whaling companies have decided to stop commercial fishing. The IFL Science magazine reported this decision. IP-Utgerd has announced that it will completely stop whale killing, and Hvalur hf – the largest whaling company in the country, has halted its catches for the second year in a row. It seems that this movement was motivated by economic pressure and difficulties in competing with Japan. In 2018, Hvalur hf was charged with killing 109 of these whales, of which 14 were allegedly pregnant. Activists for the protection of the marine environment hope that this good news from Iceland will lead to permanent discontinuation of whaling in this country.