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16th september UPDATE

We cannot express how grateful we are – Ikar saved!

Although Ikar is still undergoing treatment for a lame leg, one thing is certain – thanks to you, his life is no longer in danger. We are unable to express our gratitude or hide our emotions: thank you for giving the wonderful Ikar a chance.

From now on, Ikar’s support will be dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and maintenance. Once again, with all our hearts: Thank you!

IKAR’s story

A huge metal gate separates normality from the trader’s yard. Behind that gate is a world that you would never want to know. This is where animals in the worst condition end up. Old, sick, lame and wounded. The young ones also end up here after injuries and accidents. Generally speaking, those that cannot bring a profit and their existence just litters the world of people. Nobody heals them here.

Mud and droppings stick to the soles even when it hasn’t rained for weeks. Protruding rods, collapsing rotten pallets, car wrecks that have always been embedded in the grass. Dirt, rubbish and staggering drunk workers. There is no investment in anything here. Everything here earns from death.

The decision that it was time to end Ikar’s life was made by the owner a few days ago. He refused to heal the lame horse any further. No one asked the horse if it wanted to die. Nobody was looking for another home for Ikar. One phone call resolved the owner’s problem. The merchant came with cash, scaled, paid and loaded the burden onto the car. Nobody left the house when Ikar was taken, although he called for help as loudly as he could. Nobody wanted him anymore …

Today Ikar doesn’t have anyone who cares about him. Resigned, reconciled with the sentence, he is waiting for transport to the slaughterhouse. And it doesn’t matter that he is a young horse. He doesn’t count as having a good character. Since he cannot earn money, he also has no right to live in a world where money is of paramount importance.

We made a down payment, believing that we would give him life and treatment together. The trader laughed at us when we asked for the longest deadline and asked curiously, what did we need a lame horse for? There was no way he could understand that in our world, animal life is more valuable than money.