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Impact of climate change on forests

The research published by the Science journal shows that forests on Earth are transforming as a result of human activities, natural processes, and global warming. As a result, forests lose their oldest trees and do not reach full size. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to continue because the climate is getting hotter.

Forests cover 1/3 of our planet and play a significant role in the global ecosystem of the Earth. This is partly due to their ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Many of the threats to forests have been caused by climate change. Forests have to also face the threat of direct human action. Logging and cutting down forests had a huge impact on forest ecosystems because many older trees are being removed. Prolonged high temperatures also cause drought that either kills them directly or puts them more at risk of insects or disease.

The factors that increase tree mortality are on the rise and are predicted to get worse in the coming century. Research data has shown that many harmful factors, including drought, rising temperatures, fragmentation, and insect attacks, affect older trees more than the younger ones.