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international clouded leopard day

From 2018, August 4 is the International Clouded Leopard day. This small predator from the cat family is another species that is endangered due to deforestation and poaching.
The clouded leopard is a predator that measures up to 100 cm in length and weighs up to 23 kg and is one of the most beautiful forest cats. The name of the pet comes from the cloud-like spots on its hair. Its natural habitats are marshy areas and mountain forests up to 2,500 meters above sea level that stretch from Nepal to Southeast China. This unusual species spends most of its time on the treetops because it is an excellent climber.
Due to poaching and deforestation, this species is highly endangered and protected by international law, including the provisions of the Washington Convention (CITES). The day that honors the clouded leopard is to increase our awareness of the endangered species and make us aware that without proper protection, the clouded leopard will disappear completely.