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International tiger day

On July 29th, we celebrate the International Tiger Day. The holiday was established in 2010 at the Tiger Summit in St. Petersburg and is to remind each of us that the strongest and largest wild cats are helpless against humans. Why? They are disappearing at an alarming rate and are in danger of complete extinction. Despite their size and strength, they are still hunted and their natural habitats are being destroyed. According to the WWF organization, the tiger population has decreased by about 95% since the beginning of the 20th century. In the last 70 years, three out of eight tiger subspecies have become extinct – Balinese, Javanese and Caspian. The rest are facing the same fate, with only 3,200 individuals left in the wild. This is a shockingly small number, because 100 years ago as many as 100,000 individuals of various species lived in the wild.

The fate of the tigers depends on human being. It is a man who condemns them to complete extinction and only a man can change their fate. There are many activists around the world to save the species, and we look hopefully at efforts to protect it.