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19th February 2020
Mud mixed with manure stick to the soles of the shoes, you can also smell the stench of stale moisture, a mixture of feces and urine.
Dogs in a yard made of pallets, boards, an old mesh patched with string start barking as soon as I pass the gate. The owner lazily walks down the stairs of a run-down building. And the guides us through his property.
As we pass various cells, all we can see is sheep here. Bred for slaughter. Then Bulls here. Bred for slaughter. Goats here. Bred for slaughter. And also ponies bred for slaughter. The last one will probably end up in animal trade in Skaryszewo.
This place used to be a small slaughterhouse, but today as the owner has got older, he does not slaughter himself.
Now he buys to so-called “short time “farming animals so he can put some weight on them and then he sells them on the animal market.
Or he drives them to slaughterhouse himself.
At the ending of the building, I see her from afar. She stands on arched legs. The spine is sticking out. The mycosis has taken fur around the neck, leaving large scabs instead.
I look and in a blink of an eye, I’m shocked how it possible that she is still alive. She must have an incredible will to live. Hardly any animal could survive in such a state. Even more in wintertime …
As we approach her, crutches and staggers behind the pile of debris to the other end of the cluttered yard. So that nobody looks at her. She runs away, as if ashamed of what she looks like. Exactly like a bell ringer from Notre Dame. But the difference is this is not Paris and no bells are ringing. What’s even sadder it is not a fairytale, but living and feeling creature.
It hurts your heart. The trader says she is only one year old. The rest can be seen. Stunted, hunger deformed, frail body. The rickets is so painful to look at. She is underweight. Has mycosis. She has lice. She has a death sentence because she was born with a “to eat” badge …
Another animal that came into the world just to satisfy man’s craving.
This trader doesn’t charm anyone. We have known each other for years. He knows what we do and I know what he does for a living. He called himself to ask if we didn’t want her. He didn’t feel sorry for her. All he cared about was his money and the chance of bringing her life to the slaughterhouse alive is was almost impossible. He bought her in a bunch, along with other “convicts”. It’s just that the rest looks normal, although they are thin … but their legs are fairly straight and they do not waver on them.
The man gives the price. He says that he will resell her, that if we pay extra, he’ll deliver her where we want. He mentions that he doesn’t want trouble and that he is ashamed to even own a cow like this. He said he doesn’t run slaughterhouses anymore, so he is not able to kill her, so people will not see her. He just wants to get rid of her. Like the previous owner.
Breaking through the mud, I reach a container set on the field, to its remains to be exact. It is all corroded, Two tin walls and a metal ceiling. Is it even a shed still? It’s not a shelter anymore.
A few pieces of wet straw, no hay, but a lot of mud and excrement. Wet, cold, dirty. This is the life of slaughter animals …
Her coal-black eyes surreptitiously check me out, following my every move. Her fear is so great that she is afraid to stand, she is afraid to run away, she is afraid to look and not look in my direction. She is even afraid to breathe. She freezes and she is full of fear. She is very stressed, she slowly turns around and hides her head behind a sheet of metal. I do not approach her. There is no point.
No words or carrots will break the resistance. The fear of people is huge.
When the trading yard gate closes behind me, I think how we can help her. And if I’m able to do it. I think about what’s the best way to convince you, my dear reader, that her life is worth anything.
I’m wondering what words should I use to save her life.
Even if you will donate a few zlotys for her, together with other donations it will allow us to pay off her life, cover transport costs, provide diagnostics, treatment, food, and care
Please, I am asking you on her behalf and mine. Please help us save this fragile life. You are her only hope. Tosia is a cow. She lives, breaths and feels.
Just like you, like a dog, like a horse …, even she is none of the above, she still deserves a good life, like everyone.
Don’t turn your back on her …
The home is waiting for Tosia.
There is a place, where she can live peacefully, surrounded by love, respect, and care.
Please help us provide her with that.

22nd February 2020
My Dear Friends, a quick update.
Because of your instant help we didn’t have to wait until next week.
Tosia, thanks to you, has already arrived
On Monday a doctor will visit her. We will inform you. Please stay with Tosia because buyout is just the beginning of help.

26th February 2020
Here is some news.
Tosia was visited by a doctor. Due to her poor condition, X-rays of the front legs could not be taken.
First of all, the fight against mycosis was started, with external (lice) and internal (roundworms and tapeworms) parasites invading.
Tosia has a strong respiratory infection and a runny nose. She is very weak, so first, she has to be healed and we have to boost her immune system, to be able to perform X-ray (it is necessary in her case, at least a slight sedation because Tosia is very nervous when trying to touch the legs).
With all my heart we would like to thank you for your generous support for Tosia and please don’t forget about her, because it’s just the begging of her rescue.