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Jago encourages You to take care of him remotely! Virtual adoption is help in maintaining a horse of your choice. Monthly, Jago’s basic maintenance costs reach PLN800(USD200). He will be grateful for any constant help. Because it is the Virtual Guardian who decides about the amount of support. Jago still needs PLN750 (USD for his maintenance costs to be fully covered. If You want to support Jago, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM. THank You

21/4/2021 Update:

Lovely! Jago is paid off and already in quarantine. We are sending You a huge hug on his behalf. You changed his world.

Jago story:

A trader bought him from a breeder. He did not even look for another buyer, he did not give his horse any chance to live, because Jago did what no horse should do – he let his owner down. This is equal to a death sentence. Jago is farming waste. He was supposed to bring profit, but it brought shame and loss. Bought for breeding, it was one season, but none of the dozen or so mares have foals. Their owners started calling with complaints, demanding reimbursement of breeding fees. It was a shame to answer the phone.

And it does not matter that Jago has a good character, that he is not yet old, that someone could love him, give him a home and a place in his heart. He was found guilty because he failed and he disgraced the owner. It’s a huge shame in the countryside, so he has to pay for it with his life. The fact that Jago worked for a year both under the saddle was forgotten. Because when the death sentence is passed, no achievement counts and gratitude dies first, even before the trap of the butcher’s truck lands in front of the horse.