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if You would like to adopt Jagoda, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM.

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Update 3rd September 2021

Thank you for saving Jagoda!

Jagoda and her little child have already arrived at our farm and they are not in any danger. They look around at their new home as if they didn’t believe that there might be a place where other horses entertain such a calm and carefree attitude – we are sure that soon they will feel these emotions too. For now, they must undergo quarantine, during which they will be visited by a farrier and a veterinarian. Soon they will join the herd of saved horses.

Thank you for giving them life. Thank you for letting Jagoda see that there is a good, safe place for them in this world. Thank you!

Jagoda’s story

Jagoda’s life has never been worth much. In fact, it was only worth what the butcher’s scales indicated. Today, when her youth years passed, she cannot find a client other than a trader. She will go where unnecessary horses go. Her last child will run after her.

I open the door, she looks straight at me. She snorts softly and lowers her head, resigned. The crack of the door means only one thing but she doesn’t seem surprised. She knows well that there is not that much strength in her as in the past. That she gets tired faster. And she knows well that no horse can afford to grow old. After a while, she steps back and nudges the foal towards me. The baby grabs my sleeve and tugs it, inviting me to play. Confident and cheerful, he stamps his foot, annoyed that I’m not responding to his taunts.

Jagoda rests her soft the nostrils in my hands as if asking for life. No, not for her life. She knows that unwanted horses have no chance of being saved. Reconciled with her fate, she silently pleads for her child’s life. At least this as horses like her, they don’t deserve any retirement.