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To adopt Jasio, please fill out the FORM and we will get back to You shortly

UPDATE 27/07/2021

Little Jasio is safe now! Thank you for changing the fate of the black Jasio – the pony is no longer in danger, he has already come to us and is slowly getting used to the new place, which will be his safe home. Thank you for giving him a new life that he can enjoy to the fullest. Jasio is still waiting for a visit from a blacksmith and a vet, and soon he will join the other ponies. From now on, every support of this brave little one will be dedicated to the maintenance and, if necessary, treatment of the pony. Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jasio’s story

Jasio raises his head and narrows his eyes. The old butcher’s rope tightens more and more. The soft, warm nostrils work quickly, drawing in as much fresh air as possible. Jasio, although small, already knows well that when the door of his cell is shut again, he will only be left with the stench of manure. In the gates of horse hell, the cells are cleaned when the tenants go to the slaughterhouse.

Soon it won’t stink, Jasio. Soon…. Jasio was never anyone’s friend, he has never experienced good care or attention. There is also no beautiful story to be told. From the first day of his life it was known that he would most likely be sent to the slaughterhouse. There are very few customers for colts without origin and license. Fate did not want to give Jasio a smile. Though an offer for sale was posted on an advertising portal, the phone was silent as if it was cursed. Eventually a horse trader bought it for slaughter.