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Update 10/12/2021
Julia and Janek are now safe!

Another family saved thanks to you! Julia and Janek are already on our farm, where a private, warm box and delicious hay awaits them, and above all – a long and peaceful life. It is thanks to you that nothing threatens them anymore. Thank you on their behalf!

Their story

I do not have a name. You can call me how you want. I was born here, in this dark place where I live now. This is my home. You have a house, I have a house. Though they probably differ a bit. But it is OK. These dirty gray walls have been the world to me since I opened my eyes. My mother has known this place for a long time, she was here long before me. Maybe she knows something that I don’t know, which is why she shakes everytime when this strong looking man with a whip enters our home and cuts the air. I thought he was using it, because he likes it. I think I was wrong. I saw him hitting my mother with it a few times and screaming at her terribly. I am small, I understood from her large, frightened eyes that it must have hurt ber so much.

People are not nice to us here. They often raise their voices, push us around and say we are useless. I don’t know what it means that I should be fit for something. And for what? I am only a small foal, I trip over my own legs, and my world is limited to 2 meter radius around my mother

We don’t live here alone. There are many other horses with us. There are foals like me. But we never play together. And there are also older, worn-out horses, like my mother. The horses that are here with us leave from time to time. They are packed in huge metal carts that I can see through the barn door. These are the only moments this door opens. I know these metal monsters on wheels very well because I can still see them going in and out the yard in front of our shed. Sometimes they bring new horses, sometimes they take those who are standing here with us. I don’t know where my friends are going, probably for a nice trip, and they must like it because they don’t come back anymore. They always say goodbye to me. You know, I miss them sometimes. It is sad to be the only foal permanently.

Recently, I heard that now is my and my mother’s turn to go on a trip. And we are to leave soon. And this metal monster will come for us. Maybe I’ll finally be unhooked from the chain? What do you think? Maybe I can run, jump and feel the wind in my mane? I hope my mom will stop worrying and looking at me with that sad resigned gaze. She never says why she is afraid. As if she thought that subject was taboo. Sometimes when she thinks I’m already sleeping on the concrete floor between her legs, she sighs heavily, looks up to the sky and asks the stars to protect me. To help save me from the slaughterhouse. I do not know what it means. I have never been there. But this is probably a bad place. Otherwise mom wouldn’t be worried

You know, mom is already old. She saw a lot. I can see that she is exhausted and tired. Before she came here with me, she had been working hard elsewhere. And before that, in another, from where it came from yet another place. She told me about it once. So I don’t think she will be able to save me from what she calls a slaughterhouse. She doesn’t have that much strength anymore. And she just gets nervous.

I would like to ask you for something today. Please, help my mother. I’d like to do something for her. I would like her to stop being sad at last. So that she would no longer have to stare in horror at the whip lashing her body and making bloody traces, or look at the sky, begging for some help. Others, who left, were also looking at the sky. And then I saw them climb the metal monster at night and disappear.

I stand here in the cradle of horse suffering. Me and my sad, exhausted mom. I am asking you, help her. Maybe she will tell you why she is so afraid. My mother needs your help. Because she has neither the right to vote, nor any power, nor any authority to do anything. She only has you. I hope that with your help we will be saved from what they call a slaughterhouse, whatever it is. Me and my sad, exhausted mom.