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Kacperek can be adopted only as a companion pony, not usable, cannot be ridden.

Shetland pony, short, characterful, not suitable for children.

If You are interested, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM.

While Kacperek is waiting for adoption, You can still support him VIRTUALLY 

His story:

Kacperek shakes his mane. He tries to take a step towards us, but a thick rope that is definitely too short restricts his movements. The sight of a pony in a dark barn is not surprising – this is how slaughter ponies are kept. They don’t see the grass, they don’t know what the wind is, and they don’t know what the sand is under their hooves. Someone will say that it might be better – they don’t know what to miss or what to regret when a cold butcher’s knife flashes above them. Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes the entire procedure, including transport, takes many hours. But it always has the same ending – there is nothing else …

The stallion stamps his hoof and puffs softly. He doesn’t know what to ask for, he doesn’t know what the pictures are for, he is clearly irritated by our presence. He is not aware that the photos we take are his last chance. When this awareness comes, it will be too late for anything.