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Kapral expresses readiness for Virtual Adoption. It is nothing more than support in his maintenance. The basic monthly cost of maintaining Kapral amounts to PLN400 (USD103). He will be grateful for any constant help.

At the moment Kapral needs PLN350 (USD90) for full virtual adoption. If You want to help support Kapral, please fill out the virtual adoption form

19/04/2021 Update:

Kapral is saved, thanks to You! Thank you a thousand times! He is already visiting the quarantine paddock in our reserve, and after a blacksmith, veterinarian inspection and castration, he will be able to join the largest herd of surviving small equines. Buying out is only the beginning of help our pupils need. On behalf of Kapral, we express our gratitude for any support that will enable us to provide him with the best care.

Kapral story:

We live in the era of ecological demonstrations, the struggle for the humane treatment of animals, the era of Animal Planet, and vegetarianism, however, there are places where environmentalists have not yet reached. Kapral glances into the lens of our camera as if he knows that his whole life depends on that one look. Helpless in the face of his fate, prepared for him by man, he can only flex his short pony neck and move his crooked, short legs in place. In a place that is his whole world. 2 square meters is all he has. Anyway, he probably never had more…

That is the fate of old livestock animals. They have a lot of work and very little to say. People are too preoccupied with themselves and their everyday life to notice that animals, which are fully dependent on us, are simply suffering. Kapral probably used to be a mascot of some hotel or gas station, maybe he was pacing around with the children on his back, or he served on a farm. We do not know exactly. But whatever he did, he grew old. And suddenly he became unneeded and unwanted.

Old age is cruel. It always comes too early, does not appreciate our achievements, never leaves any illusions. When old age puts its arms around an animal, the economy wants to take advantage of it one last time. Old ponies like Kapral leave in the silence of their helplessness, with the sound of an engine of a truck that will take them straight under the butcher’s knife. And often only a miracle can save them.  A miracle Kapral is looking for today, when he glances into our camera.

The trader wants 2600 PLN for Kapral’s life, plus, we have to pay 1600 PLN for his transport. It comes to a total of 4,200 PLN to save the old Kapral. Will we be able to save him? Will the miracle happen?

We have time until April 14th.