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Kara is looking for virtual guardians!

We encourage You to take virtual care of Kara. We are still struggling with the consequences of neglect. To provide her with everything Kara needs PLN850 (USD219) a month. You can adopt Kara partially – then the maintenance of the mare is provided by several virtual guardians. Kara will certainly repay all the support with photos and news of her recovery! Please use this FORM

22/06/2021 UPDATE!

Fear and suffering are history for Kara – thanks to You, this neglected mare has a chance for a better life. Although she still has a long way to go to regain her health, one thing is certain – her life is no longer in danger. Thank you for giving Kara a chance to learn what loving and caring means.
Kara is currently under quarantine in our reserve and she still receives visits from the vet and a farrier. In anticipation of a comprehensive examination, we brushed and bathed Kara thoroughly to get rid of the lice. From now on, all support will be allocated to the maintenance and treatment of Kara. Thank you!

Kara’s story

Although it’s hard to believe, Kara is only 7 years old. And probably, if she was in good hands, today she would beloved by everyone. The trader would not turn away from her in disgust. He would not be ashamed to keep her. But Kara is a horse and horses do not have the right to vote. They do and go where man tells them.

Kara spent the last year in a place where no animals should live. There was nothing she could do, and no one was interested in her fate. For months she suffered in the silence of her own helplessness. The owner, an old bachelor, was a heavy drinker. He bought Kara because she was pregnant. He hoped to raise the baby, sell it and earn. And although he wasn’t so eager with oats and hay, He was always eager with a whip. Tied to the wall, she lived on the higher and higher pile of manure that no one cleaned. The days of hell turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Neglected and malnourished, she eventually had a miscarriage. Later it only got worse. All the will to live disappeared from her, the glow in her eyes disappeared. Kara was weaker day by day. She was also losing weight overnight. Once beautiful and strong, when the owner called the trader to take her, he walks up the trader’s truck like a ghost, slowly moving leg by leg. She did not react to the whip. She was no longer reacting to anything.

Today, in a trader’s barn, she is about to go to slaughter. But first, she must gain weight to be worth more, so she would be worth to be killed. Big, sad eyes, a bowed head that is getting harder and harder to hold. The expressionless glance no longer expresses any kind of emotion. Maybe she knows that she has already lost her life? Maybe she already understands that after months living in heal, no reward awaits her, and that life is never evenly divided. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to live …

We don’t know … but we know that together with you we will be able to save her. This is a young horse that man has robbed of everything he can. If you help, if you decide that Kara’s life is worth saving, we will do our best to take care of her. To restore the glow in her eyes and the will to live.