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Karina and Karlos came under our care in May this year. Today they are quarantined, they have also finished treatment, and Karina’s hooves are in a satisfactory condition and if they are done regularly, in a few months there will be no trace of neglect. Karlos had a hard time going through his troubles when he came from the trader, but today he is healthy and he and his mother are looking for a good home. Both horses are friendly, sociable, and without any dreads.

Karina is over 10 years old Friesian horse, balanced, ridden under the saddle.

162 cm at the withers, 

Karlos is by a cold blooded stalion, still eating milk, thus the horses are only for adoption together and only for the person who will have the conditions to take Karlos away from Karina in a few months.

If You would like to adopt them, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM.

If You have no conditions to adopt, why not to become a VIRTUAL GUARDIAN?

25/05/2021 Update

Karina and her baby thank you for saving their lives! The mare got a wonderful gift from You for the upcoming Mother’s Day – a life for herself and her child. They both settle in on our farm, waiting in the meantime for a visit from a vet and a blacksmith. It is thanks to you that the toddler has a chance to enjoy his childhood, and his mother does not have to be afraid of anything anymore. Thank you with all our hearts for that! Karina’s son was named Karlos. Thanks again for Your help and we invite you to follow the fate of Karina and Karlos on the website. More info soon.

Karina’s story

Karina is lame. Postural defect, deformed, neglected hooves. A foal is a stallion after a cold-blooded horse. No chance for use in breeding, no chance for life.
We don’t have the heart to turn our backs on Karina and her baby. It is impossible to go away and forget the sight of a mother trying to protect her child from the slaughterhouse. Mother searching for stalks of straw that could still be eaten in a pile of dung. And it is impossible to forget a baby who hides behind his mother with great trust, believing that if she is close, nothing will happen to him. He doesn’t know how wrong he is …

Since the dawn of time millions of horses  were born only to die. Wasted life: Because we do not know for sure if there is any “later” ..

Because Karina, like those millions of horses that no longer survived the death pain, only have a few days left before the gangplank descends for her. The little one will confidently enter there with her. Because all children are safe with their mother, right?

Paul McCartney said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarians. If you could see Karina die with your own eyes, you would probably never buy a gram of meat again.
But slaughterhouses have thick walls. And the packaging has smiling animal graphics to drown out the conscience. You will not hear Karina’s helpless whine when they take her child’s life. Or that neigh when he takes his last steps as he goes down the corridor and screams for help for the last time. If you could only see it once, for a split second ..
But you will not see. The global slaughter business will see to it.