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Donkey Kluska would like to join the herd of Virtually Adopted. Virtual Adoption is help in upkeeping a pet of your choice. You decide on the amount of monthly support. Each of our pupils will be equally grateful for their support. The basic monthly cost of maintaining Kluska amounts to PLN 400 (USD 102). She will be grateful for any constant help. The first step is to fill the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form

05/06/2021 Update:

Thank you for saving Kluska’s life! Thanks to You, this small, worn-out donkey is now safe and is not in danger of any harm from humans. Kluska went to the reserve, where she is in quarantine. A visit of a veterinarian awaits her, as well as a farrier who will take care of her hooves. Soon she will join the herd of other donkeys, with whom she will be able to visit all the corners of the green meadows. On behalf of Kluska, thank you for your help!

Kluska story:

Do you know a situation in which you think to yourself that a man cannot be capable of such heartlessness? Certainly yes. You shake your head, it’s possible. And yet. Look carefully into the eyes of this weary little donkey. We called her Kluska. Look clearly into the eyes of the creature that experienced this heartlessness with all its might in her life. Do you feel the sadness and despair emanating from her? Can you see how much she wants to hide the terror in her glance?

When we look at Kluska, she roars softly. So quiet the wind is louder sometimes. Is she calling for help or does she want to say goodbye to us? I wonder if she knows where she ended up and what is behind that big, dark door… Does she understand that when she walks this door then there will be no turning back? Does she know that she is another donkey that, after years of serving a human being, ended up in hell on earth? And why? Because she is sick and old and Because no one wants to be a part of her life anymore.

She has no pedigree. There is nothing for which a man can admire and respect her. Because people associate respect with what you achieved in life… She has nothing but her difficult, lonely life, which she so desperately wants to save. One writer, Judith Fathallah, wrote “as long as there is life, there is hope.” As long as we have time, as long as we fight for her life, she will have hope in herself. As long as we have your support, we believe that we will be able to save her. Dear Friends, we realize how difficult it is for all of you these days. We know that you are going through a difficult time yourself, and we would not ask for your help if we had a different option. But we don’t. Nobody wants donkeys like her today. Nobody needs her. It is easier to condemn her to slaughter and make money for her. Now that we have met her on our way, we want to ask for your support. Because although she is no longer young and fully functional, she does not deserve such a death.