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Kopiejka and her daughter Kornelka are looking for a joint adoption house!
Kopiejka has a very delicate skin, therefore increased attention and protection against UV rays is required, and she is also a calm, ridden mare. She has accepted the saddle and rider with no problem, gives her legs and is polite to handle.

Kornelka is still a baby, born on 2021, for now, she focuses his attention on her mother

Kornelka (mother)

A cold-blooded type of horse
Born 2010
Height at the withers: 148 cm
Non-conflict in the herd

Kopiejka (daughter)

A cold-blooded type of horse
Born 2021
Non-conflict in the herd

In the case of real adoption, the first obligatory step is the FORM (it does not oblige you to adopt).

If You do not have space to adopt, why not to become a VIRTUAL GUARDIAN.

21/05/2021 Update

You are wonderful, just like Kopiejka and her daughter Kornelka are. Thanks to Your hearts and great amounts of empathy, both are saved. There will be no cruel end. We lack synonyms for the word “thank you”! Both are so unaware of what they have avoided, and we will let them stay in that unawareness. The blacksmith has already cleaned their hooves, the vet has inspected them and they will be quarantined any day. They will then join the rest of the Centaurus pupils on a specially designated paddock in the pastures in our reserve.

Kopiejka and Kornelka story

Gray Kopiejka raises her head high as if she was checking if she managed to escape. Leather, heavy, halter painfully digs into her delicate skin, but the pain is nothing when she realizes that it is one of the last moments when she has her beloved daughter with her. That the day would soon come when she would have to lead her child to death. She will have to climb the gangplank of the butcher’s truck and pretend that nothing is wrong. Nudging her tiny nose, caring for her until her last breath, being pushed with electric batons and beaten, will lead her to death.

Both will be killed just because. Because the man in his absolute domination has decided so. They will be killed because we stuff our pockets with money, we are slaves to bank accounts, we have lost other values ​​in the pursuit of material things. Empathy, love, care, and respect for animals are often scarce today.

Kopiejka and her daughter Kornelka are sentenced to death. They have a death sentence, although they have done nothing wrong. We only have a few days to save them. The trader doesn’t want to keep them because they are both “fat” enough. We made an advance so that the trader would not take them to the slaughterhouse… not yet, not today.