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Korek looks for regular Sponsors. Virtual Adoption is a support in maintaining a horse chosen by you. The basic monthly cost of maintaining Korek is PLN 400 (USD 102) . He will be grateful for any regular help.

Korek has one sponsor already, but he is still missing PLN 350 (USD 90) for a full virtual adoption. To cover the rest of his  maintanance cost, please fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION form. Thank You

Korek’s story

Korek squeezes tight, frightened eyes, as long as not to look at the approaching man. Fearing more blows, he wants to run as far as possible, but the thin butcher’s rope cuts and holds tight. The trader is screaming and trying to take control of the animal, who is overwhelmed with fear. After a few minutes of fighting, the terrified mule finally freezes in its helplessness. Glancing at the trader, then at his helper, he pretends that he is not there. Because when fear exceeds the zenith, having no way to escape, nothing else can be done …

Korek is a victim of human greed. He is a mule, a mix between a donkey and a pony. He is short and knows nothing. Too small to be ridden by an adult, too energetic to be ridden by children, too weak to pull a carriage. He is not suitable for any work, and he will not be able to have kids, so he will go to the slaughterhouse. Brought into the world only to die in a slaughterhouse, he has no future ahead of him, and the only measure a person measures him is kilograms.

We can try to save Korek together with You, or we can turn around and leave him like everyone else. We know that we are one alternative to the butcher’s knife. Because nobody wants to adopt a mule…

Nobody ever wanted Korek. He was always just a piece of meat. Please help us change his fate. Make it possible for him to believe that not every human being is only there to hurt him.