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26//7/2021 Update

Krecik is safe!

Krecik has come to us – to his last, safe house, where he will never have to worry about his future again. Here, other ponies are waiting for him, ready to make friends with Krecik. There is only obligatory quarantine, visits from a vet and a blacksmith, and then just wind in the mane, baking in the sun and pony gossip. We wholeheartedly thank you for giving Krecik this opportunity. It is thanks to you that he will be safe anymore!

Krecik’s story:

Krecik nervously hits the floor with his foot. He twists and turns, constantly begging for attention. Locked in a cowshed at the end of the world, with no future, no chance for a new owner other than kill-pen butchers, he is waiting for his last ever loading. And he does not understand why just a while ago he had a house and today he has a butcher’s rope on his head. After all, he tried so hard, always did what a man told him to do. He obeyed orders politely, and as he grew older he had more experience and knowledge. He was a better worker. And he did not foresee only one thing: the older the birth certificate, the less chance to find a good home.

When Krecik had to change the house again, only the butcher was interested in buying him. Gray hair on the temples, his gait not so bouncy as it used to be, all this effectively scared off other customers. After all, no one wants to pay for a horse that will only generate costs instead of profits. And it does not matter that little Krecik has earned a lot of money over the years for his previous masters.