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The old lady Kulka is looking for Virtual Guardians! She is an older, worn-out mare that needs proper feed and supplements – the monthly cost of her maintenance is PLN 850 (USD218). You can take partial virtual care of her – in such a case, the maintenance of the mare consists of several caregivers.

03/07/2021 Update:

Dear Donors, You are really amazing – You managed to save Kulka! We wholeheartedly thank You for this amazing mobilization, thanks to which the mare is already on our farm, where she is taken through the best care. Soon a blacksmith and a veterinarian will take care of her, and in some time she will join the herd, where she will be able to make horse friendships. Once again, on behalf of Kulka, thank you for this instant help!

Kulka Story:

Kulka, despite her name, was born in a beautiful, famous Catalonia. For many years her drama unfolded under the scorching Spanish sun. Her work was to be pregnant. She was used for reproduction and many of her foals were sold immediately.
Horses like her spend all their lives within 4 walls, they are only pulled out when the client for her foals stands on the doorstep. In Spain, animal rights are a far, distant cry. There is just a handful of organizations that can defend them. Kulka had no rights. In the homeland of the bloody Corrida and mass crimes against the galgos (hunting dogs), she led her previous life full of yearnings.
A few kilometers from the stables, where Kulka stood, a tourist trail runs under the same sky. Elegant, contemporary stalls and restaurants on the Costa Brava blend with memories of the Roman period. Monumental Sagrada de Familia, by the unforgettable Gaudí, towers above. Barcelona attracts 8 million tourists a year alone. If each of them gave even the smallest coin for Kulka’s life, she would live like a queen until the end of her days. But today the old Kulka has to beg for her life within her two square meters. Although she comes from that beautiful Catalonia, her life has little to do with all this beauty. The tourist business looks away from wellbeing of animals.
This is another side of the sun-warmed Spain that we want to introduce to you. Here animals live silently through their ordeals.
COVID attacked Spain with remarkable force, in Catalonia it was impossible to move even between districts. The poverty, that already had affected most of the population, only worsened. Kulka fell victim to an epidemic. Like hundreds of breeding horses, she ended up under a whip of a Catalan livestock trader who, every month, takes hundreds of horses for slaughter.

Kulka is a horse from Spain, but was bought and brought to Poland for breeding. She did not want to give birth to foals anymore, it also turned out that she was lame and loosing weight. She was useless to a polish breeder. Today she stands in the shed of the polish trader.
If any of You think that it is better to save polish horses, I will tell You that life has no nationality. In our animal asylum there are horses of all nationalities, not only polish. One thing they all have in common is that without Your help they would end up in the polish slaughterhouse.