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10th of October Update

We managed to! Thanks to you, Laura and Lucuś regained freedom and the right to life. Pets are already with us, safe. They slowly get used to the new surroundings, so different from the cramped and dark cell they have known so far – a vast, sunny (though its already autumn) paddock and a new, clean box. On their behalf, we would like to thank you for this chance for a peaceful life!

Laura and Lucuś are glancing at me surreptitiously. A little hesitant, a little curious. The place smells damp and musty, it smells like death. This is no place for little ponies. For the first quarter of an hour, Lucuś is constantly behind his mother playing hide and seek with us, finally, tired, he hugs her and starts to sleep. She does not realize at all how important are the photos we are taking.

But maybe that’s a good thing. He has little life behind him, and no life left in front of him. Its not worth to waste that scrap of a life worrying about something beyond his control.

Because little Lucuś and his mother Laura are going to the slaughter. I know, nothing new. Hundreds of thousands  of horses are marching to the kill pen every year. It’s so commonplace that it doesn’t bother anyone. Poland itself sends 30,000 horses a year to slaughter. One kilogram of Lucuś is about PLN 15 (3.77 USD). The closer to Christmas, the price may increase.

But Lucuś is not worried about that either. Why would he?. He will not live to see Santa or the Eastern Star. He doesn’t have to worry about the snow under his hoofs and the cold, winter wind blowing on the pasture. The water in his bucket will never freeze, nor will the next summer sun burn him pleasantly . For him, there is nothing else.

Because we don’t know what’s next. Some say that the Rainbow Bridge. Others say animals have no soul and go nowhere. Still others claim that you only live once and there is nothing left. Anyway, it’s just another thing Lucuś has no influence on.

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