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Leonardo comes from Spain, where he was sentenced to slaughter, but according to our liaison from Spain, he is a nice horse, but he has a huge mental trauma. You should take it into consideration if you want to adopt him.

If You want to adopt Leonardo, the first mandatory step is the ADOPTION FORM (it does not oblige you to adopt).

He is desensitized to anything, lacks muscle mass and condition, although he does not lack beauty. Calm, gives legs, is 155 cm at the withers. He lets put on a saddle, bridles, he barely knows how to lunge and he wasn’t sure much what was going on, but when he started running, he ran around.

A very intelligent horse, but someone didn’t treat him very well. In the saddle, he doesn’t know what’s going on, he doesn’t understand neither the calf nor the directions. A new adopter should get ready for, initially, a lot of work from the ground and the reconstruction of the dorsal muscles. He is cool to a person on the ground, sociable, even phlegmatic and calm.

He may be perfect as a family horse, but someone experienced has to re-socialize it first. In the saddle, he does nothing, does not throw off, does not bear, accepts everything, but simply does not react, is excluded from work. Whatever he has endured, we hope he will find the owner that will heal him!