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Update 6th December 2021
Lotna and Lotek are now safe!

Thank you with all our hearts! Lotna and Lotek are already with us! It is thanks to you that they are not in any danger anymore. Everything that is bad is left behind the gate of our farm – now they will finally be able to enjoy life!

There is still a mandatory quarantine ahead of them, as well as visits by a blacksmith and a veterinarian. On their behalf, once again – thank you!

Their story

I will tell you my story. I am a mother. Not human, but horse-like. It’s just a matter of species..

And it doesn’t change anything. I gave birth to my child and I would give my life for it. And I will give it. It’s just that it won’t change anything for him. They will push him to death right behind me. Or a moment before me. Though they say parents shouldn’t watch their children go away. So I choose to be with my foal until the end. Perhaps he will be less afraid of dying. Perhaps it will be easier for him to wrap my gaze around them and lead them to the end, to their last breath. Therefore, when this moment comes, I will hide all my fear as deeply as I can , my terror and my motherly pain. I will stand as straight as a string, look deep in his eyes and hold the gaze until I see that he is already far away, and his unfortunate body is lying limp.

Are you going to tell me it’s too much for you to read such horrible things? You just read them, I will suffer it all. But do not worry. Even if you are the only one who can save us, there is no fault of yours in all of this. Because it’s not about guilt, but about fate. My fate is like thousands of others. The only difference to me is that I am in the position, that you are reading about me now.

No matter who I am. No matter who I might be. What I was doing is also irrelevant. The only important thing is that tomorrow I will be gone, I will only stay in the photo you are holding.

When that day comes, I will tell my little one that we are going to the pasture. We will go up the gangway to a narrow partition. And only I will know where we’re going. And only you will remember me. Remember us.

I stand today, tied with a thick rope, and I am begging you for my life. No, not that I don’t dare to die. I am as brave as never before. Because mothers cannot be afraid.

I am asking you to save me. May you save my future. My tomorrow. Because my ‘yesterday’ has already been buried. And my ‘now’ is within my sight.

I gave birth to my child and I would give my life for it. Maybe thanks to you I will be able to take it anywhere else from here tomorrow, instead of to the slaughterhouse. It is always a better option, isn’t it?