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Luba is looking for Virtual Guardians! Virtual adoption is help in upkeeping a horse of Your choice. Monthly, the basic maintenance costs of Luba reach PLN 800 (USD 207). She will be grateful for any constant help. It is the Virtual Guardian who decides about the amount of support. Currently, Luba lacks PLN 700 (USD 181) a month for full remote adoption. Thank You for any help. Please fill out the ADOPTION FORM. Thank You.

4/05/2021 Update

The May weekend found Luba in a new reality. Thanks to Your support, she was bought and brought to our center. You have proved once again that the lives of those humans have incapacitated matter more than money. Thank you a thousand times!

Luba’s story

If Luba could fly, she would probably have flown far away. If Luba had a better origin, she would probably have beautiful stables and a guard of vets. But here she is worth as much as she weighs. If Luba had been young, the breeder would not have sold her to a trader for slaughter. But Luba served bravely and gave birth to foals for many years. When she got old, she was replaced by a younger one.

If Luba could do more .. oh yes! If she could pull a horse-drawn carriage, or take children around for a ride, or jump over obstacles a little, probably someone would also want to invest in her.

But Luba is what she is. Different like every one of us. Like all of us .. we are always the best we can be. The difference is that Luba is a horse. And her options are limited. Nobody wants to invest in sick, older horses. Her hooves, which are twisted in all directions, carry her from side to side. The only thing that awaits her is death. The most brutal kind. If we had arrived 5 minutes later, we wouldn’t have found Luba anymore