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Maciek is ready for Adoption. If You wish to adopt Maciek, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM. Thank You

Update 16/09/2021

Maciek is safe!

We are not able to express our gratitude for saving Maciek. Although it was not easy, thanks to you we managed to buy him and give him a second life. Maciek is already with us, cared for and safe. Now he is just waiting for diagnostics, a veterinarian and a blacksmith to take care of his legs. Later – a quiet retirement, wind in the mane and delicious, fragrant hay – all thanks to you! Thank you!

Maciek’s story

The mighty Maciek stood in the line to die, for the same reason as all the other horses. He just stopped to be useful. He used to arouse admiration, today no one wants to hold him. Because who needs a parasite that eats a lot? Anyway, even if the oats were free, it is still more profitable to take the old horse to the slaughterhouse and sell it, at least for a few zlotys.

Maciek was a breeding stallion for over a decade. It made a profit. Big and heavy, he produced foals for meat and mares for breeding. Now, that his daughters and granddaughters have grown up, he himself has lost his job. He is old, so he has not found a client other than a trader. For his years of service, he received a butcher’s rope and a death sentence. Only a human can be so thankful.

When we peak into his death cell, Maciek nervously shakes his big head. Thick mane falls down along Maciek’s powerful neck. He is still big and strong, but the delicate streaks of gray around his eyes and less tense muscles, reveal his age. He looks at us as if asking why he is here. It does not surprise us, because horses like him are always kept “for something” and do not know the day or the hour.

Maciek is an ordinary, country horse. And no one provides a pension for such individuals. Held as long as they make a profit, they go for meat before their bodies lose their slaughter value altogether. Yes, tradition.