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We have been participating in animal trade fairs, meeting breeders and traders since the beginning of our activity. We also have taken part in many interventions. We saw many crippled and sick horses. Together with your help, we saved animals that looked as if they were already almost dead. The ones that had no right to live and yet were endowed with such a great will to fight. Thanks to your support we were able to help. We were able to give them many good days without suffering. Some of them already passed away, others are still with us. Each of them provides us with such an important lesson that instead of considering the decision on euthanasia, it is worth to give the animal a chance, giving them a helping hand. There is always time to let them pass away peacefully, but euthanasia can’t be undone…

When I enter the cell in which Malwinka stands, I’m speechless, although I theoretically know what to expect. My heart stops at the thought if we can help her. The picture, I received previously on my phone, hardly shows that she has a deformed lip. It doesn’t even reflect what I see in reality. The tiny horse bravely pokes in the manger, sweeping crushed oats into his
mouth. She tries to nibble the hay next to her. Her tongue replaces her upper, defective, deformed lip. Nasal bone after displacement fracture – as a result of injury, or is it a birth defect? I don’t know…. All I know is that the sparkles in her eyes prove that she has a strong will to live. It is here, in this trading cell, which is the last stop before the slaughterhouse, that you can see what “chi” is – the energy that each of us is endowed with at birth.
Little Malwinka, although she is a cripple, is full of energy, because although she looks the way she looks, she is still a child after all.

What happened to this little horse we have no idea. Tradesman doesn’t know it either. The horse has had several owners. The previous owner issued her a passport so that she could be sold to the slaughterhouse and killed. Because for the small, crippled horses like Malwina has no place in the human world. Malwinka looks at me with curiosity. And although she approaches me, she doesn’t let me touch her. A lot of people are interested in her, the majority of them visit her just to see her and then tell their friends how ugly and sick she is. For many people she is disgusting….But in this whole drama, where a man can take the right to
life with one decision, Malwinka is lucky because she was born a horse and they
do not pay attention to appearance. If you help, if we manage to pay off her
life she will be able to join the herd of foundation horses after treatment. They will accept her. She can still be happy

Dear Friends, Malwinka, in addition to what you see, also has lice and mycosis. She has worms. Pus drips from her right eye. We do not know if it’s an inflammation of the eye, or if something is going on inside the head. Malwinka eats, drinks better or worse, but she is doing fine. And he has a great desire to live.
She lives with her disability, but will there be a handful of people for whom the life of little Malwinka will be worth something? Which, instead of turning away from her in disgust, would want to help her? She will never carry the saddle. She will never pull a carriage. She will not give birth. She won’t be able to pay you back with anything if you help her. She simply can’t.

It may also turn out that after the diagnosis, nothing else can be done for her but to help her to peacefully pass away. Please, help pay for her life, cover the cost of transport. Support diagnostics and treatment. Detailed examinations, including x-rays, will be necessary. Please help us to pay for the cost of her living and her food. Give her a chance to continue living. We will not give up, but without your support, we can’t do anything. We want to believe that the fate of little Malwinka will not be indifferent to you. Please help give tiny, 8-month-old Malwinka hope …

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