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If You would like to adopt Marika and Marakesz, please fill out the ADOPTION FORM

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UPDATE 12.08.2021

Marika and her baby are now safe! Marika, together with her son Marakesz, have already arrived in Szczedrzykowice, from where they set off to our reserve. The weather is favorable, so they can settle in peace in a new place that will be their safe home. Marakesz is already eager to examine every green tuft of grass in the meadows, but he and his mother have to wait a little longer – first they will be visited by a veterinarian and a blacksmith. We are unable to express our gratitude for giving them their lifes back. That you have guaranteed little Marakesz a happy, carefree childhood – we thank you with all our hearts on their behalf. From now on, all support for Marika and Marakesz will be dedicated to their maintenance. Thanks again for your help!

MARIKA’s story

The countdown began for Marika and her baby. A few days ago a trader bought them, brought them home and is fattening them for meat. Scabs on heads and necks, whip marks on croups and legs. We can only guess how much they were defending themselves from climbing many butcher’s gangways in the past. And how much force did man have to use to make them do it.Today, terrified and resigned, they wait their turn on the death row.

There is no future for Marika and her child. Huddled together, crammed into a musty cell, they do not come close to the outstretched hand. All they want is to leave them alone. But a man will not give them peace. Soon the gangway will descend for them again, their hooves will strike the rusty steel, the whip and tight butcher’s ropes will force them to enter. Then there is only terror and despair. And death is there.