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Marusia has a full virtual adoption.

Marusia story

Marusia was not very lucky in her life. Fate seemed to be in favor of everyone else, but not hers. So she did what she could. Maybe she was not the most beautiful, but she was always hard-working. She was gentle with the children who pulled her tail and tugged at her big donkey ears.  All her life she gave birth to donkey babies, who were taken away from her a moment later and she never saw them again. She never kicked, never resisted, never rioted. She was everything a man wanted her to be.

But it didn’t save her anyway …

Marusia will be a mother. Again. What an ending .. for once, someone will not pick up her donkey after it is born. Because it will never be born .. yes, that’s right. It is forbidden to slaughter pregnant mothers in the slaughterhouse. But no one is doing an ultrasound there.