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Massive melting in greenland

In recent days, ice has melted in Greenland releasing the amount of water which could cover the entire state of Florida with a 5-cm layer. The ice cover there is disappearing twice as fast as usual. Last week, Greenland was losing more than eight billion tonnes of ice almost every day. Arctic climate experts have called this phenomenon a “massive melting,” and scientists warn that this is further evidence of accelerating climate change. They point out that the melting Greenland ice sheet is responsible for about a quarter of the sea level elevated in the last few decades. The Greenland ice sheet is the second largest ice sheet on Earth, after the Antarctic ice sheet. According to January forecasts by American specialists from University of Colorado if the melting of Greenland’s ice continues at the current rate, sea levels will rise by 18 centimeters by 2100. This is as much as 60% faster than expected.