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Become their Virtual Guardian. Adopt them from a distance by filling VIRTUAL ADOPTION FORM. Thank You.

Update 11th of December 2021
Thank you on behalf of Matilda and Marcel!

They are already with us – safe and cared for. And although Matilda still looks around uncertainly, we know that she feels there is no longer any reason to fear. From now on, she and her son will lead a happy life on our farm. Thank you! It wouldn’t be possible without you. It is thanks to you that we can provide them with the best!

Their Story

Shhh .. don’t tell death where I am!

I saw her running among the horses in the barn. I holed up with my son in this darkness, I hid him from the whole world.

I saw her pointing with a stick. They came out with their heads down, one by one. She led them down the gangplank, cold and determined. No one objected. And no one was able to help them. At first I wanted to follow, but I quickly realized that I had to hide here and be quiet. Stop banging my hooves on the ground, stop wiggling the rope. ‘Cause the death will look back and come back for me.

I knew it would happen someday. Because it always happens. Today you exist, tomorrow you are gone. But between today and tomorrow, there are gallops on grassy pastures, basking in the sun and getting wet in the pouring rain. Everything that exists is between today and tomorrow. I was born between today and tomorrow, , I put my hooves on the ground for the first time, I gambolled my whole childhood in madness between today and tomorrow, I went out for miles in the service of man, my temples got white and my legs got swollen.

Between today and tomorrow, my son was born, who did not have time to gambol anymore. It’s a short space between today and tomorrow. I used my life as much as I could, as much as man allowed. And this life has passed in this faithful service. Finally, between today and tomorrow, my man led me up the gangplank, in the pale dawn, when the sun could not yet see this crime. They chased my son after me. And they closed this gangway behind us, without a moment’s thought. Nobody even looked back. As if we never existed.

Today, my son and I are standing here, where day and night come together. I don’t even know how many of these nights I hid from dying. I am hiding my son. I hide our world. And our tomorrow. Let the death not steal them from us. No, I’m not afraid to die. I’m ready. It’s only a moment. I am afraid of not living. I am afraid of those mornings without sun, these winters without frost, these pastures without the green of the lush grass. I am afraid of autumn without red-golden leaves. That’s what I’m afraid of.

And something else. I’m afraid they will kill me first. And he, my son, will be one step behind me, one step before his death. I fear the terror that will fill his foal gaze. I’m afraid no one else will lead him to his death. Because only me, walking peacefully, with a hoof to the hoof, will convince him that it is only a moment. Moment to eternity. And then nothing will ever hurt him again.

Shh … don’t tell death where I am! She probably hasn’t noticed me yet