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Microplastic in the Atlantic Ocean

The scientists from the National Oceanographic Center during a research expedition across the Atlantic observed its upper layer. They found that there was a microplastic floating in the ocean that could weigh up to 21 million tons. This amount of plastic could fill as many as 1,000 container ships. Thus, more plastic may float beneath the top surface of the Atlantic Ocean than has been estimated so far for the entire ocean. Nature Communications magazine published the study.

Scientists took samples from a total of twelve places at three different depths within the first 200 meters below the water surface. They found up to 7,000 microplastic particles per cubic meter of seawater. The particles were at least 0.0032 centimeters.

The research is part of a larger research project led by scientists who are trying to create the prototype of the microplastic cycle in the environment and analyze how these tiny particles move between land, sea, and air. The results so far are worrying.