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Microplastic rains in the USA

The latest research published in the Science journal proves that over 1000 tons of microplastics, which would be enough to produce 300 million bottles, are deposited annually by wind and rain in national parks in the USA.

Despite the fact that people recycle plastics, their very small fragments, called microplastics, are already found in almost every situation of our planet. Microplastics also fall from the sky in huge quantities. The latest scientific research in Science entitled “Plastic rain in the protected United States” proves that secondary plastics are available in almost every ecosystem on the planet, from the highest mountains to desert islands. 

Scientists are studying collected microplastic particles and analyzed them within the reach of data sources, as well as in what way that got into US national parks. There are two main ways in which plastics are delivered to the protected area – along with atmospheric waste and wind.