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August 27, 2021

Mirabelka would like to thank You for new life!

She is already with us on the farm, waiting for a visit from a veterinarian who will check her and her baby’s health. And, of course, the blacksmith and pedicure! Later, to the pastures, if all is well. As always – we bow for for You for the miracles you do for these horses!

MIRABELKA’s story:

Mirabelka gave birth at the trader’s place. In a cramped, stuffy barn. In a pile of old manure. Assisted by thousands of buzzing flies. With the noise of hundreds of hooves banging on the gangway of a truck going to the slaughterhouse, she welcomed her last child into the world. She was lucky because it went without complications. Robbed of her freedom, with no possibility of decision, at the mercy of people, she could not count on any help. Where she is, horses are not looked after and death only causes regret that money has been lost.

When we look into the cell of Mirabelka, a tiny foal hides behind its mother. He is nearly one month old, but he has never seen what the grass looks like, hasn’t felt the sand under his hooves or the wind tangled in its mane. For horses like him and his beloved mother, no one is preparing the runs. When we ask if they can be released just into the yard, the trader laughs that there is no such need. It’s a waste of time, because then you have to catch it and he has other activities than taking care of foals.

I stretch out my hand with a slice of carrot, but Mirabelka crashes her ears as a warning, moves back the whole length of the butcher’s rope and covers the little one as much as possible. She is terrified because she knows very well that there is no escape from here. She feels that the hour of their death is approaching. She no longer trusts anyone. She doesn’t believe anything can change. All she wants is for the heavy, rusty door to slam shut behind us. Because then her little son will be safe. Even for a moment