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Become a Virtual Guardian of Morelka. Just fill out the VIRTUAL ADOPTION FORM and help her get on by. Thank You.

Update december 9th 2021

Morelka is already with us!

And we bow low on her behalf. It is thanks to you that this wonderful mare is safe. There is still a quarantine ahead of Morelka, as well as professional care from a veterinarian and a blacksmith. And although she cannot see us, we know that she also knows that she no longer needs to be afraid. That she is finally home. Thank you for not leaving Morelka alone!

Her Story 

Blind Morelka did everything in her life. Or at least she thinks so. And she also looks like that. If there is any expression to put it all together, it’s just “service to man”. This is what Morelka did best. And all that was expected of her was to obey. And so the humble springs, the servile summers, the devoted winters and the golden autumns full of murderous exploitation have passed, as she dragged, with her head bowed, a small cart as she carried the branches from the forest to the shed. She put her little hooves up, one after the other, straining her legs and soul. She wanted so much to be a good pony. Yes, little Morelka was really big! Her little hooves always carried her far away. And the heart beat harder than the hearts of the other ponies. Yes, everyone has seen it. They fought over Morelka in the village. Anyone who had a job borrowed a gray pony for a bottle of beer.

In summer, parents with children going to the lake, in spring, a neighbor to the garden and the field, in winter, children to a carriage and one horse sleigh, and in autumn, everyone who wanted to take the fire wood from the forest. Everyone was under the impression that the villagers would not have managed without Morelka. And one day her Lord was going to lend her again, and when he went inside the barn to get her, she lay there motionless. So many humble years passed, she had 18 of them counted. No one noticed when old age left its mark on her short legs, poured sadness into her dark eyes and tore her heart in two. He tore open only because she wanted to serve so badly, wanted to be a good pony to the last breath. In addition, it turned out that Morelka had run into various objects in the last few days – the host decided that she was not enough that she was old, that she was blind.

And now, full of despair, she couldn’t even get up on her own. She waved her legs awkwardly in the air and stared helplessly with the mute gaze looking at the farmer standing in the barn door. This one didn’t keep her waiting long. He immediately rushed to the phone.

After an hour, a car with the words “livestock trading” rolled into the yard. I don’t know how Morelka was loaded on it. Perhaps it was good that she didn’t see much. The trader ignored this part of the embarrassing story. However, before he loaded Morelka, he led out a new pony, which he brought at the customer’s request. A pony that will take the same path. And probably, in old age, it will lie in the same barn, beeing previously exploited by all the inhabitants of the village.

This is how Morelka found herself with a trader who called us a few days ago. He asked if we wanted the old mare. Because even he felt sorry for the old pony. When we pulled into the yard, she stood staring at us with distraught eyes. But it wasn’t waiting for us. She was waiting for her Lord. Sure he would come for her. Because old ponies are faithful to the end. When they stand at the death of the gates, and their heads are tightened with thin string halters, they still believe. They believe they were good ponies. And that their Lord must have seen it. And that he would take the halter off their heads and take them home.

The halter will fall by itself, Morelka. As soon as you get down the gangplank awkwardly, make your way down the narrow corridor, and before you realize that your Lord is not there, you will lay your head and body on the ground. And all the humble springs, the servile years, the devoted winters and the golden autumns full of murderous exploitation will flash before your eyes, when you dragged, with your head bowed, a small cart loaded with branches to the shed.

Was it worth it?

Morelka is a very old and damaged pony. In addition, the trader claims that Morelka is pregnant, which means that she will have a baby. We do not know the condition of mother and child. But it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the best we can do is take us to the finish line in dignity and bow low. For those humble springs and devoted winters. For being a good pony.