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Mosquitoes kill thousands of animals

Hurricane Laura recently struck the Caribbean and the southeastern United States. The catastrophe has hurt many people. It is not the end, however. Now, in Louisiana, hundreds of cows, deer, horses, bulls, and buffaloes have begun to die. All because of the huge swarms of mosquitoes, the result of a hurricane’s passage, as the rivers and other large water areas rose as a result of the catastrophe. Together with the high temperatures, this provided conditions for the development of blood-feeding insects.

Louisiana University AgCenter’s main vet said thousands of mosquitoes attack large animals, sucking their blood and driving them to the brink of exhaustion. Deprived of blood and weakened, large mammals cannot cope with this heat and fall in agony. The authorities took up the fight against the mosquitoes by spraying large areas of the area. Unfortunately, however, it is too late for many animals.