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Help support Nawojka  by becoming her VIrtual Guardian. Just fill out the FORM and choose how much You want to contribute to her maintanance. Thank You

10/08/2021 Nawojka is now safe!

The mare has already arrived at our center, where she is slowly acclimatizing. Before she joins the herd of other survivors, she has to undergo diagnostics, including X-ray of the swollen leg, as well as meet our invaluable blacksmith who will take care of her hooves. Nawojka is still looking around in disbelief. Is she getting used to the peace of other residents of the farm? we hope so! What is certain, however, is that she will not be hurt any more: and it’s all thanks to you. Thank You with all our hearts for saving Nawojka!

Nawojka’s story

We met Nawojka at a trader. She stood in a leather halter locked in one of the cells, waiting for the end of her world. Through a crack in the crumbling door, she watched the horses wandering around the yard and the people choosing the ones that were fit for work. Nobody wanted her.

The trader did not offer Nawojka to customers, saying that she was too nervous to carry children. He silently disregarded the fact that she had been lame from banging her foot on the door all day and had a swollen wrist joint. He did not call a doctor and he will not. And why would he? You know, in the slaughterhouse, lameness makes no difference to anyone and it will not be visible on the plate either…

We don’t know what Nawojka did in her life, but judging by how she behaves and looks, life, for her, was not the easiest one. Fear of an outstretched hand, swollen legs by the hocks, aching, scabbed back, cracked hooves. Whoever was her master before, never cared for her at all. Today, no one is interested in her long work history and what profit she brought. The owner has decided that it is better to kill her than to keep her. Off she goes.. If anyone ever promised her a good old age, she has been deceived.

We negotiated Nawojka’s life for a long time. The merchant did not want to sell her, saying that she was lame and suitable only for killing. He offered other horses. We didn’t want a healthy one. They had a chance for another client, only Nawojka was destined to be killed.