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Niusia has a full virtual adoption.

Niusia story:

When you want to see how enormous human domination can be, take a close look at the shedding, licey hair of old Niusia. Look into her resigned eyes. She is broken by years of exploitation, touch the brittle skin and feel her bones with your hand. Feel how hard it is to take every step, how weak is her will to live. Always deprived of all rights, she did what man ordered. She was used to be obedient no matter what. And now that she could no longer bring any profit, she will be sent to the slaughterhouse. She stands between the horses and the other donkeys. She is the oldest one here. She is also the weakest of them.

No trader will come to the barn to buy sick Niusia. Nobody wants to keep old, worn-out animal. Hidden from human sight, under the cover of the night, these kind of farm animals are loaded onto the butcher trucks. And they’re going to die so that nobody has to be ashamed of them anymore.

Niusia is very, very old. She is also way closer to her death than farther. What is sad is the fact that her whole life was wasted by a man. We are her only chance for survival. Even though we cannot bring back her youth and we also cannot erase from her memory all the bad memories. But if you help us save her, we will give her a loving home. The real one. Perhaps the first safe place in her life, and certainly the last one.

We will do whatever we can to ensure that she has the best care, diagnosis, and treatment. That she would have a good life for a moment. That she will experience a life worth living.