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Norway protects the nature

A few years ago, Norwegian authorities decided to suspend hard coal mining from the Svalbard archipelago. The Norwegian fjord is now protected. In July 2021, the Van Mijenfjorden National Park was officially opened near the closed coal mines. The decision to close the mine was dictated by climate change. A huge area in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago will be given back to nature. According to The Barents Observer, the site where the mine once existed, where heavy machinery was driven and dust clouds hung, is now home to polar bears, seals and various species of birds. As reported by the Norwegian authorities, the most important goal of the activities is to make Svalbard one of the best managed wilderness areas in the world. According to scientists, among the fjords on the coast of Spitsbergen, it is Van Mijen fjord where the ice will last the longest, which is why its protection is so important.