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Nowa and her daughter Nasturcja qualified for Adoption! Both girls are still in quarantine, so at the moment they can only be adopted virtually.

The monthly cost of maintenance for Nowa and Nasturcja is 700 zł (178 USD). You can adopt them fully or You can contribute whatever amount You choose towards their maintenance. Fill in the FORM to start the process

03.08.2021  UPDATE

Thank you for saving Nowa!

Nowa and her daughter are already on our farm, where they will start a new life, free from fear and suffering. As a good omen, we named the little girl Nasturcja – a beautiful summer flower associated with kindness. We have no doubts that Nowa will meet a lot of it on her way! Nowa and Nasturcja are still waiting for a farrier and a veterinarian, and then they will live in a paddock prepared especially for them. From now on, all support from the girls will be used for maintenance and, if necessary, treatment. Thank you again on their behalf!

Nowa’s story

The trader shows his affection animals with a whip slashing against their rumps. The worker, pulling a butcher’s halter, spits in disgust, cursing silently under his breath. The love of money consumed their consciences long ago. To the fullest. What matters to them is only how much they can earn for killing. There is a mist of stale dung in the air, rats running by the wall, and when the heavy doors to the shed open up, a flock of flies rises in a mad dance. Nothing wrong here, another normal day at work. I pass another door. There are sheep squashed in the corner. Further down the room, goats with their children. In the next cell, terrified hens run around in panic. A dog that passes me carries a bone in its teeth. The merchant shouts from afar, “Go to the end, the new one is standing there.”

Nowa turns out to be a massive, dark mare with a kind gaze. A curious foal peeks out from behind her huge body. It’s a girl. She touches my outstretched arm with soft nostrils and tickles me with a milk “mustache” that hasn’t yet been wiped from pulling on her mom’s tit. The foal is still very young, only a few weeks old. Locked in her cell, she doesn’t know she’s waiting for her end.

The merchant urges the worker. They lead Nowa to the yard. The little girl blinks her eyes and bravely follows her mother. In the sun a white arrow shines on her forehead. Soft hocks bend too low to the ground. Its certain she didn’t go much outside. She did not run to train her muscles and have strong legs. In a slaughterhouse, these strong legs are not needed for anything, and building a paddock is always a cost. It is just a horse for slaughter…who cares. Nowa is just a horse and has been held hostage to human needs all her life. She always did as she was told. And although we do not know what paths her life took, they were certainly not going through expensive stables, the best fodder and spacious pastures fenced especially for her. That’s because Nowa is just an ordinary, fat mare, and no one builds clinker boxes for horses like her. Today, the last chapter in her life has opened up. The man has decided it was her time. The deadline for killing both has already been set.