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Oceans can be successfully recreated

Scientists claim that the oceans can be successfully recreated by the year 2050. Despite the fact that humanity treats them as a dumpster, it has been shown that the oceans are extremely resistant to human devastation. In addition, the research proves that you can restore them to their former perfection. And that can be achieved in 30 years. The oceans have been exploited by people for centuries, but the negative effects we were able to observe only in the last 50 years. Mankind has done great damage to both oceans and their inhabitants. It is all the result of overfishing, pollution, and the devastation of shorelines. In addition, the increasing impact of climate change has resulted in coral bleaching and increased ocean acidity. Scientists prove that the seas and oceans have extraordinary resilience. And that’s why this knowledge can contribute to the revival of wild fauna and flora. And the good condition of the oceans has a positive effect on everyone’s life.

Researchers say they have enough knowledge to rebuild marine life and they will be able to reach their goal within three decades. They identified nine areas that are crucial to rebuilding the oceans: saltwater wetlands, mangroves, seagrass, coral reefs, seaweeds, oyster reefs, fisheries, megafauna, and the deep ocean.The authors of the study confirm that governments now have many other problems, but they all agree that saving the oceans is still a very important goal.