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Adopt Ogryzek! You can become his VIrtual Guardian. Just fill out the FORM

Update August 20.2021

Thank you with all our hearts for saving Ogryzek! Thanks to you, we were able to take the best care of him. Thank you that you have provided him with a decent life, that you have not forgotten him, that he has found a place in your hearts. Ogryzek has come to us and is slowly adjusting to the new place. We hope that we will soon be able to convince him that he is safe and that he is loved.

Ogryzek’s story

Ogryzek looks sadly around the traders yard. An unknown place scares him. He can feel the panic and overwhelming fear of those who were here before him and who are nowhere to be found. The stench of stale manure invades his warm nostrils and suffocates so much that it makes him cough. The irritated trader tugs the thin rope and pulls Ogryzek into the cell by force.

When I ask what Ogryzek did and why he goes to the slaughter, I hear that he did nothing. Apparently he lived in one place all his life. He had his own stable where he slept, and during the day he walked wherever he wanted. Its owners had a large house with a garden and several children. He had known them from birth, he saw their first steps, he carried them on his back. For over two decades, he accompanied them every day. He heard many times that they loved him, that he was a family member. He believed it so much that when the gangplank of a butcher’s truck dropped in front of him, he entered without resistance, expecting nothing to go wrong.

As he drove away, he realized in an instant that he would never come back there. With a desperate bray, he pounded the floor with all his strength. It was all for nothing. Nobody turned the car back, nobody called, nobody saved him. Because those, in whose life he had always been, no longer wanted to be part of his. They once whispered their greatest secrets in his ear but as soon as he had become infirm, they sent him to the slaughterhouse.